Our request

Your part in preparing for the ceremony is minor.
For the department of weddings in the city, you are required to fill 2 questionnaires. We will do it for you therefore it is required that you fill out our questionnaire with some personal information.

In addition, you must obtain two certificates:
1. Birth certificate for each spouse. This is obtained from the Interior Ministry.
Attention!! The Certificate needs to be dated no longer than 6 months prior to the wedding. Your original birth certificate does not match.

      A birth certificate from the Ministry of the Interior with an apostille stamp from the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

      Please write to us to check the requirements.

      Please write to us and we’ll check out what you need to bring.

      2. Population registry (also from the Interior Ministry) for each spouse, status should indicate:
      Bachelor – Status will show “single” and not anything else!
      Divorced – must be accompanied by the certificate of divorce. (Stamp of the Chief Rabbinate + Apostille from the Foreign Office).).
      Widower – Attach also the death certificate of previous spouse. (with  Apostille from the Foreign Office)
      If one spouse is a foreigner the documents must be issued by the country of origin..

      You can download an explanation of the whole process here

      You can download here an explanation of how you can do everything via the Internet and mail.

      last and important request.

      אנו מקבלים מהעיריה שעה לחתונה, חובה עלינו להיות שם בזמן! המחתן מגיע מעיסוקיו על מנת לכבד אתכם והמעט שהוא מבקש זה לכבד אותו ולהיות שם בזמן. אם לא נגיע בזמן, לחתונה או למשטרה, יש להם את הזכות לא לקבל אותנו והחתונה לא תתקיים! אנא, בכל לשון של בקשה, בשעה שאנו מתאמים אתכם, תהיו מוכנים ליציאה. זו לא המלצה, זו הנחייה!


      In case of name change, this must appear on population registry.

      Very important!

      You must come to Prague with valid medical insurance. If you have insurance through your credit card company, please get permission

      Once you have all documents and apostilles, you are asked to scan it and email it to us so that we can review it.

      the originals must be brought with you to Prague.
      and Finally ……..
      Wedding rings for the couple. Every ring is legal.