Basic Wedding Package

Handling a marriage requires great sensitivity and professionalism. It is extremely important that all requirements from the local authorities be carried out perfectly. Although this is not the secret to making your marriage a successful one, we offer you and your loved one the entire service. We guarantee a worry-free wedding!

Our services include the following:

  • Apply for Marriage with local authorities and take care of all documents required by the Czech law.
  • Reserve the wedding date.
  • All required fees.
  • Translation of all documents to Czech by an authorized translator, as required by Czech law. *Total of four Documents.
  • Transportation To the ceremony and back.
  • Translation during service.
  • Two witnesses, if needed.
  • Tips and recommendations, tours and restaurants in town.
  • Marriage certificate translated to Hebrew and approved by local authorities.
The total cost of the marriage package, starting from your first contact until receiving the marriage certificate is 590 euro in one of Prague’s city halls or in “Old Town city hall” (“Ratusha”) 760 euro
Payment covers all items mentioned above and of course is for both partners.


** Incase the couple has a different citizenship, there might be a need for 2 translators with extra cost of up to 100 Euro.

* 4 documents in total. In case that both partners are single Israeli citizens. In case that one or both partners are not single (divorced / widowed) more certification are required for translation.

Attention! In Case of more than 4 documents, an additional fee of 20 euro for each additional page of document will apply.

 Price does not include airfare and accommodation. 

We reserve the right to change the date or location of the wedding event due to change by the authorities or force majeure

Possible additions?

Interested in a photographer?

Why invent the wheel? Our team of photographers already knows the mysteries of the halls, castles and successful photographic angles. You will get the pictures before you leave the city .....

Come with guests?

Our drivers know the way to the wedding venue and make sure your guests arrive at the ceremony in time.

need hairdresser or makeup?

We have exactly the one you are looking for.

Want a good restaurant?

The food will be the same food even if you order it alone, but we have the knots to arrange you a good table in a good restaurant.